MP3TagEditor IconMP3TagEditor2.08
[Release Date : 2 December 2009]
MP3TagEditor is a multilogic ID3 tags and filenames editor. The program supports editing both versions of ID3 tags: ID3v1 and ID3v2, it's also possible to save the lyrics into an MP3 file. One can edit the data in a single file as well as in numerous files (e.g. in an album). Each ID3 tag fields can be edited in the File List and in the separate "File Info" dialog. Screenshot...

One of the peculiarities is flexibility of renaming filenames and directory paths, and creating playlists (M3u, M3u Extended, PLS) with the help of editable masks using the ID3 tags info (the track and album titles, the artist name, genre, year, etc.). The Mask Editor (Screenshot...) possesses plentiful functions - filename symbols replacement, filename and ID3 tags fields case options (Screenshot...), info in ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags synchronization. Moreover, it's possible to fill ID3 tag fields with the data from the filename. Screenshot...

Finding the album info from the Internet database FreeDB (Screenshot...) is very simple - MP3TagEditor automatically searches the info, however, there's manual search option. Saving the data into the CDPlayer.ini file, local database, the program view and FreeDB connection settings flexibility are the FreeDB Editor functions. The album info can be saved as a HTML or RTF document. Screenshot... Playing the files in an external player, multilangual interface, flexible settings are only some of MP3TagEditor features.

Short Features:

  • edits ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
  • creats filenames using ID3 tag information
  • retrievs ID3 tag information from filenames
  • CDDB/FreeDB support
  • flexible case options
  • exporting info on files as HTML/RTF file
  • creats M3u and PLS playlists
  • plays files

Note: We offer you a 10-day trial term, so you could test the program before buying it. For 10 days the program will work with no features limited. And if you are satisfied with the product all you will need to do is to register it.