By joining our Affiliate Program, you are getting paid for helping us market our products.

Affiliate Money All that you have to do is just to let others know about our products, and then for each sale you'll earn 30% commission from the product price.
You can sit back, watch the sales come in, and receive your commission checks!

Remember, the better the placement, the more referral rewards you can earn!

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MP3Developments products available:

How much will you earn?

Product NameRegNow IDPriceAffiliate Your Commission
MP3Producer 5444-422 € / $25 30%6.6 € / $7.5
MP3TagEditor5444-214 € / $18 30%4.4 € / $5.4
CDRipper 5444-314 € / $1830%4.4 € / $5.4
MP3Coder 5444-116 € / $20 30%4.8 € / $6

note Note: If you could bring us sufficient quantity of orders or you would actively promote our products, we would be glad to increase your commission. Also we can create a custom build of any of our programs with your affiliate registration link.

You have two options for promoting our products:

1. You can link straight to the Order Form (best for online stores):

2. You can link to our home page using a special link:

In either case, through RegNow's in-house tracking system, even if the customer doesn't order just then, you will still receive credit. Because RegNow has tracked where the customer first heard about us or our products, we can give credit to you no matter when or where the customer finally decides to buy!
Read the Affiliate Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to become an affiliate on RegNow.

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Affiliate We are pleased that you have decided to join us. We are looking forward to a mutually profitable relationship.

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